Wonder Liposomes


Hibino, M. & Itoh, H., unpublished.




Nishiyama, S., Akashi, K., Itoh, H. & Miyata, H., unpublished.


In the movie at left, the liposome contains fluorescent dye molecules.  When an electric pulse is applied, the dye molecules burst from the negative-electrode side (bottom of the movie).   A small baby also comes out through a hole.  The liposomal membrane quickly reseales, retaining the dye molecules inside.  In this experiment, only one electric pulse is given, and you are requested to watch the liposome patiently.  About one minute later, you begin to realize that the mother liposome had a giant baby inside.  This baby comes out without the aid of an electric pulse!!  Well, it's true that the pulse at the beginning is the actual cause.  The mother somehow remembers the shock given minutes ago.  Note that the delivery is made without shedding the internal dye molecules.
In the movie at right, an electric pulse is given to the liposome.  Wriggling eventually leads to electro-conception of a liposomal baby.
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