Myosin V Is a Left-Handed Spiral Motor
on the Right-Handed Actin Double Helix







400mM ATP
4x fast replay
2 revolutions in ~4.4 mm.



40mM ATP
4x fast replay
1 revolutions in ~2 mm.

Upper panel, transmitted images showing the bead movement; lower panel, fluorescence image showing the fluorescently labelled actin filament.  The bead appears white when it is closer to, and black when farther from, the observer. Dot on a bead (every 10 frames) indicates the bead carrying myosin V.



10mM ATP
16x fast replay
1.5 revolutions in ~3 mm.
M. Y. Ali et al., Nature Struct. Biol. 9, 464-467 (2002).
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